2012 m. kovo 6 d., antradienis

Andy Warhol top 20 prints

Andy Warhol was a successful commercial illustrator turned painter and pop art icon. His paintings are visually stunning and so full of life that they seem to “pop” of of the canvas. Andy Warhol has inspired many, many artist like the infamous Mr.Brainwash who in my opinion copied (stole) Warhol’s whole swag. Pablo Picasso said, “Good artists copy great artists steal.” if this is true (which may not be the case) then Mr.Brainwash is the greatest artist that ever lived. I would “copy” your style too if your paintings fetched $100 million as Andy Warhol’s Eight Elvises did. I like Andy Warhol because I feel like he just had fun and experimented his way to the bank.

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