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Lucas Sarah : sculptor / multi artist

Sarah Lucas is a British artist and one of the generation of Young British Artists that emerged during the ‘90s. She graduated from Goldsmith College in 1987 and took part in the legendary group exhibition Freeze (1988), curated by Damien Hirst, which defined the YBA (Young British Artists) movement and included works by Tracy Emin, Gary Hume, and Liam Gillick.

Lucas makes sculptures from a heterogeneous and unexpected range of everyday materials such as worn furniture, clothing, fruit, vegetables, newspapers, cigarettes, cars, resin, plaster, neon lamps and light fittings. The abject appearance of many of her works belies the serious and complex subject matter they address. She makes constant reference to the human body, questioning gender definitions.

Nuds is an important development in Lucas’s work, a self-reflecting series that moves away from the gender-based critique of her work in the ‘90s and takes the earlier figurative ‘bunny’ sculpture series to a more abstract form. There are interesting links to British sculpture in the twentieth century, such as Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore, as well as influences from Louise Bourgeois, Bellmer and others.

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